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In India the term love marriage is used to describe a marriage which is decided upon by the love couple, with or without consulting their parents The success rate of love marriage in India in love marriage are much higher than in arranged marriages some of the preloved marriage problems that usually faces are partner is not agreed for the love marriage. Parents refuse for the love marriage. Caste and religion of both the individuals people fall in love, and they always want their marriage to be with their loved ones. Whom we have usually known as love marriages. Love marriage has been a vast issue since ancient times. There are some families that do not accept the love marriage. In India people think love marriages or intercaste marriages spoiling their culture. And it laid the bad effect on the society. But we should not make wrong impressions in our mind for anything. Most of the people make very bad belief system.

Love Problem Solution : Love is the most excellent stage for each person. As while becoming hopelessly enamored everyone feels very glad and energized. At this stage everything appears to be decent and wonderful. Since no other inclination is greatly improved than investing energy with their cherished one. Additionally being a wellspring of joy it makes life complete. As life is tied in with living at our fullest.

They never grow in the society because of their thinking. There are so severalfolks those who are unable to marry their love one. The people those who have got married they have to face problem in their love marriage. In the life of each person there come lots of the trouble in marriage either love or arranged marriage.

Marriage is a relationship in which both the people are of different nature and behavior and they have to adjust with each other there are so many ups and downs in their lives.

Some of the pre love marriage problems that usually couples faces are

1. Partner is not settled for the love marriage

2. Parents refuse for the love marriage.

3. Caste and religion of both the individual.

4. Financial problem.

5. Fear of society.

Some of the post love marriage problems

1. Do not able to adjust in new family.

2. Do not able to take responsilities.

3. Love fades day by day.

4. Financial problems.

5. Extramarital affair.

Love marriage solution through the astrological method that has proven a boon to the society. It is a boon because of its influential and possible results. The folks those who face the love problems do take its help. Astrology is a powerful method.

Love marriage is such a understanding between them. Love marriage is such a relationship that is all built upon the understanding and love. Such relationships should always keep safe from the evil eyes. But still when planets are not in favor than we do face unnecessary problems in our married life. In such relationships any single mistake causes the severe problem.

There are few tips to solve love marriage problem

1. Go for counseling.

2. Talk about your needs to your love partner.

3. Spend more quality time together.

4. Get some accountability. 5. Accept your spouse is human just like you.

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